13th International Competition by PSI – Contest Rules and Prizes

Platinum Jubilee Special – PSI has announced it 13th International Competition, the Rules and the Awards for the competition has been finalized and we wish to share the same with everyone.

1 Rules, Terms and Condition – Download the Rules (For convenience to the international participants we have mentioned the rules in English / French & Spanish)

2 Awards & Medals – Download the Awards information 75 Awards in totality will be awarded to the photographers participating int he competitions, please download and check the awards.



Note: The form is available http://photographicsocietyofindia.com/salon/ please upload your images soon!! PSI wishes luck to all the participants.

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11 thoughts on “13th International Competition by PSI – Contest Rules and Prizes

  1. I’m interested in participating in the 13th PSI International Digital Salon.Could you tell me the website of upload my entry?Thank you!

  2. I wish participed at your PSIndia salon but i don’t know how
    On your site i don’t where?
    Could you tell me please how make

  3. Paypal currently states that it cannot make any payments to India and after I successfully downloaded my images. Don’t know what to do now!!!!

  4. Dear Sir
    I have uploaded 4 images in Section A to participate the exhibition earlier. Please advise how I can pay my entry fees via Paypal account. What is your receiving email address.


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