Photography Course, Facilities and Activities :

Members of The Photographic Society of India can avail facilities mentioned below.

Library : Library facility is available to all the members of the Society on payment of refundable deposit. One book and one magazine will be issued for a period of 14 days.

Photo Art Gallery : The facility is available for members who wants to put up an exhibition at the gallery.

Studio : A well equipped studio is available for members who want to shoot indoors.

Dark Room : The Photographic Society of India is the only society which still has its own darkroom where students or members can use to develop B & W and Color Images.


  • Friday Programmes
  • Outings
  • Competitions
  • Workshops
  • Demonstration: Model Evening, Table Tops, Still Life.
  • Studio & Dark Room On Hire.
  • Monthly Competitions (Members & Beginner) with attractive Prizes
  • Participation in Members & All India Exhibitions encouraged.

Important Note:
1. PSI is not responsible for any last minute changes in programme.
2. Members of PSI coming for an outing shall do so at their own risk.
3. PSI is not responsible for any accident taking place during an outing and any kind of loss or damage to belongings.
4. PSI is not responsible for members’ belongings.

For Detailed Information please call the PSI Office or click on Contact Us

7 thoughts on “Facilities

  1. Hi, This is Chirag Gohel from Bhavnagar (Gujarat). I am amature Photographer. I visit your site today, and nice to know that there is so many activities like Photo Compitition, Workshop, Library and specially Dark Room. where students or members can use to develop B&W and Color Images, and that a Great one.

    I see there is 4 types of different Membership, but I need to know what is difference between Patron Member and Life Members ?

  2. how does being a member at PSI help me in shooting outdoor ? what benefit do i getBy showing the PSI card to any authorities eg. (police ) , locations, . I do a lot of outdoor portrait and the security and safety of my client is of utmost importance.

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