Membership of the PSI is open to all those interested in the field of photography.
The aim and objective of PSI is to help members in every possible manner for the promotion of the art of photography.
Click on the icon to download Membership Form

Click here to Download the Application form and send the dully filled membership form to The Photographic Society of India.

Please Note: PSI accepts the membership fee through Money Order/Cheque/NEFT. You are requested not to send cash in the mail or courier. Please read all the information correctly and duly filled the form incomplete form might delay the process. You are requested to read the Rules and Regulations from the form.

Notice: With effect from 01st September 2015 the membership fees have been revised.

A. Annual Membership Rs. 600/- (April to March)

B. Entrance Fee Rs. 450/- Entrance Fee (to be paid only once at the time of joining the society.)

C Life Membership Fee Rs. 9,000/-

D. Patron Membership Fee Rs. 45,000/-

E. Institutional Membership Fee Yearly  Rs.3,000/-

For online Bank transfer :-

Central bank of india (Saving Account)
Acc No. 1318657335
Boribunder, Mumbai
MICR Code:400016008
IFSC Code: CBIN0280606

Address :
195 Saheb Building , 5th Floor,
Dr. D. N. Road , Fort,
Mumbai – 400 001. Tel # : +91-022-22664296

Email :

  • Walk in Mon to Fri  :11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m
  • Sat : 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m   Sunday Closed.


111 thoughts on “Membership

    • Dear Mr Mathuram,
      You can download the membership form, from the link in the page, send the dully filled and signed form at PSI office address please read the instructions carefully and make the joining fees.

      If you have any further doubts please reach our Office on the numbers given in the Contact Page.

      PSI – Web Admin Team

  1. hello sir,
    i’m interested in photography and i live in pune…
    i want to be a member of photographic society of india …
    tell me what shall i do..??

  2. i’m interested in photography and i live in chennai…
    i want to be a member of photographic society of india …
    tell me what shall i do..?

  3. I am not a professional photographer. But I’ve been indulging in photography since 1992. I was then 52 years old and began using camera out of sheer necessity. I was a personal assistant to a minister in the Gujarat Ministry of Chimanbhai Patel. I wanted to build up a photographic record of my minister. It all started with a point & shoot camera but soon I switched to an SLR Canon Rebel model which was gifted to the minister by a friend of his. The journey reached its end in 1995 to commence again in 2004 when my son presented me with a Canon Powershot A10. Now the journey seems to go on forever. It is today only that I came to familiarize me with PSI. The PSI was just a toddler when I first cried in a small room. I feel I should be a member. That’s all!

    —Vinubhai GangDe Patel, RamKutir, Mota Mahadev, Nadiad:387001, Gujarat,

  4. Dear sir, i live in nagpur , am a visualizer and a photographer please let me know how PSI can help me being a short just let me know the advantages of being member of such an esteemed organisation.

  5. Dear Sir,
    I am from Nagpur and a Engineer by profession and have been doing photography as a “Armature Photographer”. I would like to join the Photographic Society of India. Can you please guide me on the same I have downloaded the application from but I don’t know any members for recommendations.
    Kindly guide me on the same.



    • Dear Mr. Kumar,

      Please download the membership form from our site read the instructions and send us the form.

      Please do speak to our office bearer for more details.

    • Dear Mr. Acharya,

      Yes, anyone who is interested to join the esteemed Photographic Society of India can apply for a membership.

      Please download the form, from our Membership link, please call our PSI office during working days and working hours if you have any questions.

  7. Sir,
    I am Thomas from Kerala. I would like to be a member in PSI. But nothing to say that out station candidate. Can I possible to join PSI? Please send me a clarification to my mail.Thank you.

  8. Respected Sir, i would be very obliged if you let me know about the benefits and advantages of annual membership in The photographic Society Of India?

    • Dear Mr. Singh,

      Please call us our Society office on working days. Also we suggest you to download the Membership forms available on our site under Membership Tab.

  9. Sir,
    I am Kp from andhra pradesh. I would like to be a member in PSI. But nothing to say that out station candidate. Can I possible to join PSI? Please send me a clarification to my mail.Thank you. We request you to please call us our PSI Office directly, on working days.

  10. I want to be the member of this group and learn and understand more and be the part of professionals! Photography always had been my passion and my dream work!
    Can you guide me on how to be the member of your group, be it for life time or annual!

  11. I am from Mumbai, Bhayander East, presently in Kuwait, and a Engineer by profession and have been doing photography as a “Armature Photographer”.I am a approved Photographer of our Orthodox church in Kuwait, and doing shooting for all programs in our church. I visit India every year. I would like to join the Photographic Society of India. Can you please guide me on the same, I have downloaded the application from but I don’t know any members for recommendations.
    Kindly guide me on the same. What are the other benefits, like any outdoor shoots packages you people arrange. Want to become life member and can send you demand draft in the favor of PSI. Please guide me.

    • Dear Mr. Chandy,

      We request you to please call up our PSI office on the number Tel # : +91-022-22664296 during working hours Mon – Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

      Our office bearers will be able to guide you further.

      Thank you for showing interest in joining Photographic Society of India.

      PSI Web Team.

  12. A patron of the arts is someone who shows his appreciation or support for the arts by donating money to arts organizations.

  13. sir its my esteemed pleasure to be associated with you through your website. it gives me immense pleasure and happiness communicating with you. my querry to you is i would like to register with psi as a life member so my humble request to you kindly let me know about your fees or the revised payment i should be sending you. thank you sir

  14. i am fresh photographer and i want to join Photographic Society of India to learn more about photography.

    Muzaffar Mulla.

  15. Hi,

    I’m so keen on photography. I want to become a member of PSI. But how will i get benefited by PSI and what are the advantages of becoming a member of PSI. Do i get any membership ID card?

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Dear Sir,
    I have 2 questions to post now.

    1) I am confused with the membership fee…it is mentioned in your website that fee has been revised since 1st May 2014 as Rs.600/- for annual,Rs.9000/- for life membership,Whereas in the application form it is mentioned double…which is correct?

    2) I am from Bengaluru,Karnataka…is am considered as local.?

  17. Hi Team,

    I have a quick question, do we have a valid id card too for the same and can this be useful to show to authority that we are clicking the pics for journalism or so.


  18. Do we get a photoid card of PSI after taking a membership? Iam located in Kochi and a budding photographer and would like to learn and be a member of psi

  19. I am from delhi. Can i join?
    I am asking this question as your definition of local is limited to penvel. Please clarify.

  20. I am interested in photography and would like to join PSIPSI
    Please tell me what to do?
    I live in mumbai

  21. Respected Sir
    I don’t live within Mumbai. I’m from Ratnagiri district can i be the member of PSI and if yes what will be the fee structure for a non residant of Mumbai. Please let me know as early as possible.
    Thank you

  22. am interested in photography and would like to join PSI… can I get an identity card if I join life time category

  23. Hello Sir/Madam,
    What are the benefits of taking a membership of Photographic Society of India?
    Thank you

  24. I am from Bangalore and would like to join the PSI. If i go for annual membership how much i have to pay. Please let me the details

    • Hi
      Annual Membership is from April to March. Fees for annual membership is Rs.1050/- which includes Rs. 450/- as entrance fee & 600/- for yearly membership.
      On renewal of membership you have to only pay Rs. 600/-.

  25. wish membership can be taken online, paying 1050/- online will be more convenient and fast.


  26. Hello,

    I just came to know about this club while searching Photography club in Pune. I am based out of Mumbai, as I stay in Pune hence wanted to know the way to get into PCI.
    Please suggest.

  27. halo sir, my dream Experiences 5 yer. no ident proofs photographer…help me sir my ID card .Ph: 8013557567

  28. sir im hashif from kerala .. im a photogrpaher working since 2012 at qatar .. and i was looking for my future with alot snaps . i want to be a member of our photographic socity . if i got member ship then possible that i cant take pictures from every where inside the india? .. perticular id or anythink giving from our sociaty?

  29. I am a commercial photographer. I want to en role my self in this association. Do we require a referral of any other member. And kindly tell me what are the procedure for online fund transfer.

    Thanks & Regards

  30. I am interested in becoming a member of PSI. Is it necessary to have my name proposed by an existing member of the Society to be accepted as a member? Thanks & regards.

    Suvendra C Dasgupta

    • Club is located in Mumbai since 1937 ( 80 years) with 2000+ members & involve in photography related activities.

      Please refer to website for more details.

  31. Sir,
    I am a freelance photographer from West Bengal, & would like to join, for the same as I am joining for the first time do I need to send 2 cheques 450 rs and 600 rs, or just one cheque of rs-1050/ will do, please let me know .
    Many thanks

  32. Hello Team,
    Please help me understand the difference between

    Annual Membership &
    Institutional Membership Fee Y

    If I am a new member should I pay Entrance fee plus annual fee or do I also have to included institutional charges.

  33. I want to join PSI, Want to know as mentioned above year will be from April to March, can I apply now and if I will give cheque of 1050 now for how long my membership will be valid.

  34. I want to join PSI, But before that, I would like to know what are the benefits and features of the membership. Can you please help me with the information.

  35. hello sir,
    My name is Vishnu Parameswar
    i’m a photographer and i live in Kerala…
    i want to be a member of photographic society of india …
    How can I send the form?
    tell me what shall i do..??

  36. Sir,

    Need clarifications on the following points ”
    1) Can i make the membership fees payment online and submit the scan copy of
    the form online. Or do you need the physical membership application for by

    2)The membership form has ” Proposed by”and “seconded by” fields. Should
    these fields be left blank.



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