Newsletter 2019

The Photographic Society of India issues a Newsletter called “Click”, this magazine is a monthly magazine which contains information about photography.

Click magazine

Click Magazine

  • Editorial writeup – Latest news
  • Events & Exhibitions news
  • Schedule for Friday programs
  • Outings & Workshops
  • Featured Articles on Photography
  • Latest Competitions and
  • Announcement of the winners of Monthly and various
    Salon are printed and circulated.

For further information view or download the .pdf file.*To view the .pdf file you need Adobe Reader.Your feedback is important to us. Help us improve our servicesDo mail in your responses at:
- (Direct to Hon Secretary)

Month Year Type
January 2017 Download PDF / JPG
Decemer 2018 Download PDF / JPG
November 2018 Download PDF / JPG
October 2018 Download PDF / JPG
September 2018 Download PDF / JPG
August 2018 Download PDF / JPG
July 2018 Download PDF / JPG
April 2018 Download PDF / JPG
March 2019 Download PDF
February 2019 Download PDF / JPG
January 2019 Download PDF / JPG

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