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The Photographic Society of India issues a Newsletter called “Click”, this magazine is a monthly magazine which contains information about photography.

Click magazine

Click Magazine

  • Editorial writeup – Latest news
  • Events & Exhibitions news
  • Schedule for Friday programs
  • Outings & Workshops
  • Featured Articles on Photography
  • Latest Competitions and
  • Announcement of the winners of Monthly and various Salon are printed and circulated.
Month Year Type
December 2015 Download PDF
November 2015 Download PDF
October 2014 Download PDF
September 2015 Download PDF
July-August 2015 Download PDF
June 2015 Download PDF
May 2015 Download PDF
Apr 2015 Download PDF
Mar 2015 Download PDF
Feb 2015 Download PDF
Jan 2015 Download PDF

For further information view or download the .pdf file.

*To view the .pdf file you need Adobe Reader.

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